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Welcome to MingYi! Founded in 2005, Dongguan MingYi Mold Parts Co., Ltd(Developed from former Dongguan Deguan Precision Mould Parts Factory and Dongguan Deguan Precision Mould Processing Store ) is a leading manufacturer of press die mold parts and plastic mold parts supplied globally to the metal-working and plastics industries. Our various brand names assure quality, innovative solutions and outstanding service. With our commitment to be the customer-focused supplier of choice, we have taken the leading role in creating and bringing new products to customers and helping them find solutions that improve their operations. Since the date of the establishment, depending on the excellent quality products and good service, we have had an experienced development team, advanced technique, advanced processing equipment, and precise testing devices. We have formed an enterprise image of "Reliable Quality, Punctual Delivery, and Competitive Prices" among all the customers around the world. Our ultimate goals are to satisfy our customers through high standard quality products, and to motivate employees by the ultimate goal. Choosing MingYi as a supplier means that our customers have a competitive advantage in delivering their products to market. By providing standard press die mold components and plastic mold parts and made-to-order die parts complete to customer specifications, we deliver cost effective solutions to todays global customers.
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    If necessary, please contact us in the following ways: TEL: 86-769-83117669
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    Foreign trade through the technical team, in the years of Mold Components , Tungsten Carbide Punch And Die , Customized Precision Parts , Mechanical Parts , Metal Parts based on the painstakingly created a new
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    We are B2B e-commerce site; At present, efforts to foreign trade through the market area of the world around the country and region, so
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